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About Sibila Lage, PLLC

“We are leaders, thinkers and efficient problem-solvers.”

Image of Sibila Lage Attorneys At Law. Photo of Estrellita S. Sibila (left) standing next to seated Jacqueline M. Lage (right). On table, gavel on top of law book (left) and orchids (right).
Estrellita S. Sibila (left) & Jacqueline M. Lage (Right)

Sibila Lage, PLLC is a multi-disciplinary law firm offering domestic and international clients sophisticated legal representation in real estate and corporate matters.

South Florida’s premier law firm is owned and operated by Estrellita S. Sibila and Jacqueline M. Lage, the dynamic duo who met at the University of Miami School of Law and joined their talents to start Sibila Lage after working for top-tier law firms with the goal of providing premier service, pristine client attention and cost-effective results. Sibila Lage guides clients through all stages of the real estate deal – from pre-construction to lease up or sell off of the asset. They are your trusted agents every step of the way.

These dynamic legal partners are recognized real estate thought-leaders and award-winning attorneys who know the art of deal making and negotiating without over-lawyering. They earn superior results for their clients because they know the business points that matter to you, and the advice you need to make good short-  and long-term business decisions.  

Sibila Lage is committed to positively shaping neighborhoods and communities by fostering sustainable and engaged communities.

Let Sibila Lage help you and your business succeed.

Meet our highly skilled attorneys who are ready to help you with your real estate and business needs.

Estrellita S Sibila
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